Every single day your kids will learn what it takes to be the heroes in some of their favorite games! Strength, endurance, agility, dedication, determination, and of course, how to be awesome! They’ll get to run and climb and kick and fly and go home ready to rest well that night!

AMP Academy is not just a gym where you just send your kids for a few hours to tire them out. We are an academy where children come to learn as well as get a physical workout and get fit the fun way! What we’ll do that the other camps won’t:

  • Teach your child Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Acrobatics, and Martial Arts all in one place!
  • Focus on teaching children a success mindset, which they will carry with them all throughout their lives.
  • Heavily focus on maturity, respect, self-control, discipline, integrity, problem-solving skills, communication skills, articulation, and critical thinking skills at all age levels.
  • Provide them an unforgettable experience that will positively impact their lives as they move from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.


Every day, our camps will include life lessons about never giving up and always striving to be your best built into each Ninja Warrior class, Parkour class, and Capoeira class as well as games, NERF wars, and open gym, where the kids will get to explore the whole facility, finding new ways to be awesome!

Nowhere else in New England can you find all three of these highly specialized arts combined into a single day camp, where your children will learn incredible skills that will make them the envy of every kid in their school! They’ll be talking about it for weeks!

Capoeira classes will teach respect, self-control, discipline, integrity, balance, and rhythm through basic kicks, dodges, songs, dance, and instruments used in the martial art, preparing them to be the superhero they’ve always wanted to be!

Ninja Warrior classes will include somewhere between 3 and 5 obstacles that will help build upper body and grip strength as well as confidence, focus, and problem-solving skills, and prepare them to be on their favorite TV show — American Ninja Warrior!

Parkour classes will challenge your child’s agility by teaching safety along with basic parkour movements, acrobatics, critical thinking skills, articulation, and communication, and prepare them to fly like their favorite superheroes!




Ninja Workout and Ninja Diet Join Forces
Ninja Workout and Ninja Diet Join Forces! 2560 1920 AMP Academy
Ninja Workout and Ninja Diet Join Forces!
Summer Camp Flyer Displaying Kids having fun playing jumping climbing nerf wars
Summer Camp for 2020! Ninja Warrior, Parkour & more! 560 315 AMP Academy
Summer Camp for 2020! Ninja Warrior, Parkour & more!
2018 Summer Camps! Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Martial Arts (Capoeira) 300 200 AMP Academy
2018 Summer Camps! Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Martial Arts (Capoeira)