FREE Outdoor Parkour Class! Sunday, Jan. 31st

FREE Outdoor Parkour Class! Sunday, Jan. 31st

FREE Outdoor Parkour Class! Sunday, Jan. 31st 1761 860 AMP Academy

This demonstrates what we will learn in parkour.

Doing awesome stuff is what we love here at AMP Academy, and we’re excited to bring this FREE Parkour event to the local Fall River area!

Each week we’ll focus on different skills, like Ninja Warrior training, Parkour / Freerunning training, Capoeira (Martial Arts) training, Tumbling / Tricking (acrobatics) training, and Stunt & Fight Choreography training so you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to learn some pretty awesome skills!


Everybody! Parkour is the perfect way to stay active and get in shape no matter your level of fitness. And this introductory class is the best way to learn just how much you’re really capable of! Best of all, unlike “normal workouts” like lifting and running, PARKOUR IS FUN!!!

This FREE Parkour event is for Ages 7 through 65, and we’ll split up by age groups, having a number of experienced athletes helping out with the various groups.


On Sunday, January 31st at 10:45am, we’ll meet at Kennedy Park in Fall River, MA, at the top of the hill, by the gazebo.

10:45am – 15-Minute Meet and Greet
11:00am – FREE 1-Hour Parkour Class
12:00pm – 15-Minute Cooldown Stretches and Answering Questions

We’ll work on some of the introductory pieces of parkour, such as some extremely important safety techniques, balancing, and getting comfortable with introductory jumps and challenges.


We recommend bringing water and wearing layers. It might be chilly, but once we get moving, you’ll want to be able to cool down and stay hydrated.


Despite being outdoors, out of an abundance of caution and respect for the safety and comfort of all attendees, our students, and our staff, we ask that all attendees wear a mask to this FREE Parkour event.

Just one more way we’re building community and making your lives better.

BOOK A BIRTHDAY or check out a TRIAL CLASS today to see how much fun fitness can be!

We’ll see you soon!

(Contact us at 508-567-1002 or with any questions!)


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